**Feel free to hop on over to my Twitter or Discord server in the links below. **

Twitter : @VizDotLife

Discord : https://discord.gg/p65rU793

Website : https://viz.life

Well, to put it simply Viz.Life is a place where I can share with the world what I’m working on, which is mostly creating art, photography, and experimenting with new ideas.

My name is Troy and I’m a Cardano based digital artist that greatly enjoys creating generative art using AI, abstract art, fine art, and photography. Each individual piece in my collections are unique 1/1, which means no other piece will be the same.

Part of the enjoyment I have in creating art is the ability to not be restricted from trying new ideas and that is why you see many different art styles and colors in the collection.

I’m forever grateful for the support from collectors, followers, family, and friends along this journey.